About The Reviewer

I am no literary expert. I haven’t spent years studying the ‘art’ of writing. I haven’t got doctorates or degrees in English Literature or any of the arts. I am one in billions of people who have an opinion that essentially means nothing yet everything. I say this because it is people like me – the non expert readers, the ones that go out and buy the books, treasuring and enjoying the tales – that are the people novelists should aspire to entertain.

I see novels as entertainment. I have no authority over literature and I believe nor does anyone else. The wonderful depth and breadth of work leaves me dying to get hold of the next ‘favourite’ book in my mega list of ‘must reads’.

Here I give my take on the novels, shows and other mediums by which great and not so great creative minds have used to free their expression. I don’t take myself or my reviews too seriously but appreciate any comments/feedback.

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Information on the rating system:

1 – 2 [Poor writing style, plot holes, errors in logic, character identification limited, poor/clunky dialogue, significant point of view errors]

3-4 [Writing style adequate, some minor ‘flow’ problems, some minor point of view problems, reader loses track of narrative, dialogue may be one dimensional]

5-6 [Average writing style, three dimensional characters, more intricate plotting, emotional impact limited)

7-8 [Good writing style, higher emotional impact, strong dialogue, author shows ‘voice’, characters strongly defined]

8-9 [Unique voice, intricate plotting/direction, dialogue multi-dimensional, excellent interpersonal relationships between characters, emotion provoked by characters]

10 [Unique style/voice, intricate plotting, psychologically engaging, use of themes/metaphor, may involve cultural  or political viewpoint, sets ‘scene’ of the time period, possible use of multiple viewpoints, dialogue consistent with time and location, wider critical reception, longevity, implication for the future/influence on others, highly consistent point of view]

Ratings are subjective [obviously]. So I have included a ‘other reviewers said…’ and ‘the folks are Goodreads said…’ just to make sure I am not bias! I have included a range of opinions in the interest of fairness!


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